About H & M HVAC General Construction Inc.

H & M HVAC General Construction Inc. was first established in 2007 operated by two brothers Manuel & Ivan Zuniga. Providing outstanding commercial and residential services and quality products to the Northern Virginia area including Maryland and District of Columbia.

We were originally known as H&M HVAC since Heating, Ventilation & Air conditioning were the only services we offered. In 2013 we began offering our new specializations such as electrical work, plumbing and other services under our new company name H&M General Construction Inc.

Our new name reflects the significant expansion in our business activities. Our operations today are more global in nature and include product lines well beyond where we began. We achieve this by having a team that has good integrity, values, and the commitment to excellence we strive to achieve as a company. Our team is skilled, knowledgeable and available when you need them.

At H & M HVAC General Construction Inc., we take pride in ensuring our customer’s satisfaction. We deeply value your relationship with H & M HVAC General Construction Inc. and we’re committed to providing you with the highest level of service simply because our customers deserve the very best.